Use the JPEG to AFP transform to transform a JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) data stream into an AFP (MO:DCA-P) data stream.

The transform can process images compressed using baseline lossy JPEG compression. Only 8 bits per channel and Huffman coding are supported. The output can be bi-level (IM1 or IOCA FS10), 4-bit or 8-bit gray scale, or 24-bit YCbCr color (IOCA FS11), bi-level or 4-bit banded CMYK image at 1-bit per band (IOCA FS42), or a superset of FS42 that also contains 32–bit banded CMYK images, compressed with either JPEG or LZW algorithms (IOCA FS45). The transform automatically uses halftoning to convert the gray scale and color images to bi-level.

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