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Environmental Requirements

Consider the following requirements as you select the location for your printer:

Dust and other contamination can cause machine faults. It is not recommended to place the printer in close proximity to storage devices, such as tape drive and disk drives. The printer operates best in an air-conditioned computer room with year-round humidity control and predominately recirculated, filtered air. Refer to the IBM General Information Manual: Installation Manual--Physical Planning, GC22-7064, for details about ventilation requirements for other IBM equipment.

To maintain the ambient temperature within the above temperature range for optimal performance, there must be an adequate supply of cooling air and outdoor make-up air for each print engine in the printer room.

Additional ventilation may be required depending on paper selection and environmental conditions. Refer to the Forms Design Reference for Continuous Forms Advanced Function Printers for more information about selecting preprinted forms and using them safely.

Ozone is produced during normal printing operations; however, the level of ozone from this type of printer is below the safety values stated in IEC 950.