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Power Cable and Receptacle

An AC power cable is supplied with all printers. This cable measures 427 cm (14 feet), except for printers installed in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A., where the power cable measures 183 cm (6 feet).

U.S., Canada, and Japan

Table 12. Hubbell Plug and Receptacle
This is an image that illustrates the Hubbell plug and receptacle.

The printer uses cords with Hubbell plugs (IBM part number 53F1722, or IBM part number 53F1723 for printers installed in Chicago; both include the cord and Hubbell plug type 460P9V05). Provide either of the following Hubbell connector or receptacle (or equivalent) for this plug:

Connector (inline)
Receptacle (mounts on a wall or rail)

All Other Countries

The power cable is supplied without a plug. Provide the appropriate plug and compatible receptacle.

Understand the electrical standards for your country, and use only an approved plug. Your IBM marketing representative has information on the voltage requirements in your country.

For more information about voltage requirements and for Hubbell part numbers, refer to the IBM General Information Manual: Installation Manual--Physical Planning, GC22-7064.